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Arlington has both high-rise communities and areas where single-family homes are clustered. The county's real estate market is diverse, offering a range of property types and styles to meet the needs of different buyers and lifestyles. Arlington's general plan is known as the "Arlington County Comprehensive Plan," which serves as a guide for the county's growth and development. The plan emphasizes the importance of creating sustainable, walkable communities that provide a high quality of life for residents, while also protecting the county's natural and historic resources. One of the key features of the comprehensive plan is the focus on urban villages, which are walkable, mixed-use areas that offer a blend of residential, commercial, and retail spaces. The plan emphasizes the importance of creating high-density, mixed-use development around transit corridors, which can help reduce traffic congestion and support sustainable growth. The comprehensive plan also emphasizes the importance of preserving and enhancing Arlington's natural and historic resources, including parks, open spaces, and historic sites. The plan calls for the creation of new parks and green spaces, as well as the preservation of existing ones, to provide residents with access to nature and recreation. Overall, Arlington's general plan emphasizes the importance of creating vibrant, sustainable communities that offer a high quality of life for residents. The county's focus on urban villages, mixed-use development, and transportation options has made it a popular option for those who value a walkable, urban lifestyle.          

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