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Arlington Comes First In Nation In Fitness

Arlington is once again at the top of the list when it comes to fitness. The Virginia locality ranked No. 1 as the fittest in the nation, according to the 2021 ACSM American Fitness Index by the American College of Sports Medicine and the Anthem Foundation. This is the fourth year in a row that Arlington topped the list, scoring 86.1 out of a possible 100 points. According to, "The annual Fitness Index ranks the nation’s 100 most populous cities by 34 variables, including personal health behaviors, food insecurity and walkability. “Arlington continues to set a high standard and performed well against the top competitors in Minneapolis, MN and Seattle, WA, ranked #2 and #3 overall respectively,” said the final report from the American College of Sports Medicine and the Anthem Foundation." As per, "Overall, Virginia Beach came in at No. 26 and Norfolk at No. 28. Richmond was No. 50. Baltimore was No. 67. Chesapeake, Virginia, ranked 95th. Richmond came in second, behind Lubbock, Texas, for cities getting more than seven hours of sleep. Arlington was eighth for sleep. Baltimore tied for No. 2 with New Orleans for cities with the highest food insecurity. No. 1 for food insecurity was St. Louis, Missouri."

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1200 Crystal Dr #313
1200 Crystal Dr #313 $799,900
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