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Tower Villas Real Estate Secrets

If you're thinking of purchasing a property at Tower Villas, you're probably already well aware that Tower Villas is in Arlington County and Arlington.
Photo of 3800 Fairfax Dr #612
We think it's important to learn what you can about Tower Villas before making the big leap.

The lowest priced unit listed in Tower Villas is 3800 Fairfax Dr #612. The average living area in Tower Villas is 1,335 while 3800 Fairfax Dr #612 has 1,110 sqft of living space. none of units for sale at Tower Villas have garages.

Also For Sale At Tower Villas

$787,120 at Tower Villas

What nearby communities have similarly priced homes?

Continental 1 Active
Alta Vista Condo 1 Active
Hawthorn 1 Active
Tower Villas 1 Active

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