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6 Popular Dining Spots Near Waterford House

Waterford House is strategically located near an array of some of Crystal City's global cuisines. And the best part is, they are only minutes away by foot or cab.
Jaleo restaurant is in Crystal City
So if you are ever in the mood for dining out, here are 6 popular dining spots near Waterford House:
  1. Legal Sea Foods- specializes in upscale seafood but also serves steaks and cocktails. It is at 320 23rd St S, Arlington, VA 22202, in The Buchanan apartment building just five minutes' drive from Waterford House.
  2. Jaleo Restaurant- known for its unlimited Paella Sundays, this Spanish restaurant is located at 2250 Crystal Dr. A, Arlington, VA 22202, in the Crystal City Shops which is just a 5 mins drive from Waterford House.
  3. Mezeh Mediterranean Grill Restaurant- offers some amazing salads and comfort food. It is located at  2450 Crystal Dr, Arlington, VA 22202, five minutes drive from Waterford House.
  4. Sushi Gardens- if you are having some Sushi cravings, this is the place to fix it. It is located in Crystal City Shops at 1680 Crystal Dr, Arlington, VA 22202 and is just a two minutes drive.
  5. Extreme Pizza- offers a nice selection of delicious pizza, sandwiches, and pies customized with some innovative toppings. It is located in Pentagon City at 1419 S Fern St, Arlington, VA 22202,  three minutes' drive from Waterford House.
  6. Ted's Montana Grill- is an old West-style steakhouse known for its burgers and chops made from bison. It is located in the Crystal City Shops at 2200 Crystal Dr. Suite A, Arlington, VA 22202.

Properties in Waterford House

1200 Crystal Dr #214

[$670,000, Arlington, VA 22202]

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